Los Llanos de Gredos

Tradición Olivarera

The exceptional geo-climatic conditions of the area led the Romans to plant their first olive trees so as to obtain one of the traditional products of the Mediterranean diet that they habitually followed, i.e. olive oil.

Making use of the difference in altitude of the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gredos, they built crop terraces and a Roman road to link the two plateaus.

Olive trees were planted in a more or less orderly fashion so as to adapt to the land and to ensure that each tree obtained the best possible nutrition from the soil and from the sun that ripened its olives.

An olive variety that was planted in this valley has come down to us to become an indigenous variety that is both unique and exclusive owing to its taste and aroma: the redondilla.

Redondilla olive trees were mixed with other varieties to allow the production of very special extra virgin olive oils based on the particular coupage that is formed by these varieties.

The pre-Roman peoples who inhabited the area were taught not only to plant olive trees but also to obtain olives and to produce the prized extra virgin olive oil by mechanical procedures and cold extraction. This unique and exclusive olive oil thus created can nowadays only be found in the Tiétar Valley.

We produce extra virgin olive oil from olives gathered from our own centennial olive trees. No more than 4 hours must pass from collection to pressing, which is carried out in the traditional manner so as to maintain the fresh 100% natural aromas of our olives.

All the foregoing together with the fact that part of our oil comes from the indigenous redondilla olive variety (with a low-yield production but rich in aroma and taste) allows us to obtain extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality.

Our olive-oil agriculture is based on maximum respect for the environment and our natural surroundings, which means that our daily effort goes towards respectful and sustainable farming.

Our company is the largest olive-oil producer in the Tiétar Valley; our product is known for its fresh aroma and its sweet mild taste with a slight spicy aftertaste for the palate.

Tasting our extra virgin olive oil is going back in time to savour the aromas and tastes of more than 20 centuries ago.

Condiciones geo-climática

Los romanos plantaron sus primeros olivos para proveerse de los productos tradicionales de su dieta mediterránea.

Desniveles de la ladera sur de la sierra de Gredos

Generaron cultivos en forma de bancales.

Plantación semiordenada

Con el fin de adaptarse al terreno.

Variedad de aceituna

En este valle se plantó la variedad de aceituna «redondilla», una variedad autóctona única y exclusiva.

Los orígenes

Los romanos plantaron olivos y enseñaron a los pueblos prerromanos a obtener aceitunas y elaborar aceite de oliva.

Aceite de oliva extra virgen

Producimos aceites de oliva extra virgen con aceitunas recolectadas de nuestros propios olivos centenarios.